csse1001-a1-2021.gitCSSE1001 Assignment 1 2021 2 months
dwm.gitCustom patched build of dwm 2 months
dwmblocks.gitCustom config of dwmblocks for dwm 2 months
islands-automation.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 8 weeks
jyou.gitMultilockscreen image generator that is used in conjunction with i3lock 2 months
kadai-gui.gitA gui front-end for kadai 2 months
kadai.gitSimple wallpaper manager for tiling window managers. 2 months
mpd-notify.gitNotification daemon for mpd, looks and acts like spotify 9 months personal website 2 months
st.gitCustom patched build of st based off of Luke Smith's build 2 months
wall-resize.gitResizes all images in a folder to a specified set of dimensions 2 months